How we work


To give you a little idea of what you can expect and how we work:


We know time is money and you don’t want to spend all day waiting around while a real estate photographer is walking around taking hundreds of photos. But, in order to have the photos come out good, it is not a good idea to rush it. However, we try our best to be efficient and quick without compromising the quality of the photos.

What pictures are included in the price

We will take pictures of kitchen, lounge, all bedrooms, all bathrooms, guest toilet, all terraces and your garden.

If the property has extra rooms or features like gym, indoor pool, office, etc. this will also be included. If there is a communal garden, we will of course also take some pictures here.

Time is money

2-4 bedroom apartment/townhouse: 30-60 minutes

2-4 bedroom villas:  45-75 minutes

(This is not counting communal gardens. If you wish, you can let us in to the communal garden, we manage on our own and make sure to take some nice and inviting pictures of the communal area)

For real estate agents

We can come with you when you list the property – to save you some time. Or we can agree with your client on a date and time.

Pictures will be sent to you within 48 hours after the photo session


For homeowners

We can send the pictures to both you and the real estate agents you have chosen for your property. Pictures will be sent to you within 48 hours after the photo session.

Please note that if you have chosen more then one real estate agent and they bring a photographer, you might need to pay for the “same” pictures more then once.